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May 1, 2020

You can really improve the quality of your inbound leads if you make a few simple adjustments. Quality leads share many common characteristics, and with a little bit of fine-tuning you can reduce the amount of your marketing waste, and improve lead quality, by making sure that these essential characteristics are in place before you turn on the lead funnel.

The most common complaint overheard this is that the client or customer can't pay for the services offered. Make sure that you purposely target the best audience that has the greatest need for your products or services, with an ability to pay for your product and services.

What Drives Lead Quality?

What is the sense of urgency? If their personal need doesn't have a high sense of urgency with a need that requires an immediate solution, it is extremely hard to get potential client or customer to engage. To ensure you're seeking the right targeted personas, make sure that your products and services address urgency with one or both of the following; pain and great inconvenience such as loss money, or the threat of loss of things like health, home or finances. Significantly larger lead values are always found with those types of criteria in place, so make sure that you're adding value clearly defining how your solution solves these urgent pressing needs.

Your unique value proposition is critical and the key distinguishing factor that highlights you and your business above all others.

What is your unique value proposition?

If you're in a hotly uncontested market, a major metropolitan area, or trying to break in a new market niche, you need to answer these questions; what is the big benefit that you bring to your potential clients that your competitors don't offer? What is the service that would make them want to do business with you right this minute compared to someone else? What's the benefit that you can provide that a competitor may not?

Your unique value proposition (UVP) must be unique and answer some simple questions like:

  • What does your business to do that a competitive business does not?
  • Why should a client engage with your business instead of somebody else?
  • What guarantee can you make that another business cannot?

Not only do you need to understand the answers to the questions above, but you need to strive consistently to improve the value of what you offer potential customers and clients. Most importantly can your clients find this unique value proposition throughout your entire digital ecosystem? Does your UVP show up in social media, personal profiles, online directories, and your website.

A Final Thought On Lead Quality

This may seem counter intuitive but can your potential clients and customers engage with you easily? Too often the gating item is a poorly designed  process that blocks east of access for potential clients to engage and inquire about your products and services. Removing any obstacle or barrier and making it consistently easy to do business with you is sadly rare and more often an exception then the rule. The more that you align your new client process with user behavior the more natural it is for clients to engage with you because you have made the process seamless and easy for them to do so.

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